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CONNECTed. | Crowdsourced Education

Building a more equitable and informed society through the provision of better education

Current needs suggest that we must learn to view the world and therefore education, in a new way. 

Higher Education has in the past demonstrated its crucial role in introducing change and progress in society and is today considered a key agent in educating new generations to build the future, but this does not exempt it from becoming the object of an internal reformulation.

CONNECTed exists to support Higher Education, EdTech & workforce education providers to build internal capability, modernise their workforce and to develop effective strategy. We do this through cohort-led, immersive online learning experiences.

Course portfolio

In consultation with over a hundred ed-sector thought leaders together with significant desk research and drawing on the CONNECTed teams' experience and knowledge of the market, we currently offer the following four in-demand, purpose-built programs.

Micro-MBA specialising in EdTech & Higher Education Strategy

Price | $725 USD (~$995 AUD)

Duration | 8 weeks

Effort | 4-6 hours per week

Cohort size | 25


The Business of Education

Price | $550 USD (~$760 AUD)

Duration | 4 weeks

Effort | 3-4 hours per week

Cohort size | 40

Leading Higher Education

Price | $495 USD (~$650 AUD)

Duration | 4 weeks

Effort | 3-4 hours per week

Cohort size | 40

Learning & Teaching Meets Digital

Price | $550 USD (~$760 AUD)

Duration | 4 weeks

Effort | 3-4 hours per week

Cohort size | 40

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Why do we have an enrolment waitlist?

Learning is better with cohorts!

At CONNECTed, we believe in the power of community and conversation as well as the importance of cross-contextual application of learning.

These are not self paced, asynchronous and lifeless programs but rather a complex and rich sharing of ideas with and between domain experts, as well as fellow participants all seeking to grow and develop new knowledge.

Courses like these demand a minimum cohort for learning to be memorable and effective. Please join our non-obligatory waitlist and we'll notify you when we have sufficient numbers to get your program started.

Course Content Built by Industry Leaders

Co-created by industry thought leaders, these seasoned professionals are the impetus for the content. Providing succinct, practical, relevant and replicable insights, you’ll accelerate your learning and gain an unfair advantage as you grapple with your personal and organisation’s challenges.


Paul J. LeBlanc

President, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

A redefined digital classroom experience powered by Cahoot Learning

Enjoy an exemplar Next Generation Learning Environment (NGLE)

100% online

Asynchronous as well as (non-compulsory) synchronous activities

A dynamic, globally accessible and flexible online learning experience. A true, next generation digital learning experience.

Designed & created by leaders in EdTech & Higher Education

Global thoughleadership

Recognising that no individual, or organisation is highly competent in all areas, this course surfaces multidisciplinary ideas from leading minds and weaves them into a compelling narrative.

Built on foundations of social learning

Crowdsourced open pedagogy

A cohort-led, relationship-based learning model that challenges conventional paradigms as they relate to the isolation of online learning. Experience unimpeded, frictionless peer-to-peer learning.

Remarkable student experience

Beautifully paced, modular release program

Learn through rich media, interactive discussions and robust conversation within an easy-to-navigate online platform. Evaluate your progress and pace relative to the cohort with a formulated cadence to optimise knowledge retention.

Facilitated by experienced education professionals

Learn from experts

Understanding the critical role seasoned facilitators play in online delivery, you can expect timely multimodal responses to discussion posts and questions, interactive webinars and personal experiences woven into your individual learning journey.

An honest immersion into Higher Education

Welcome to the (dis)course

Higher Education is at an important inflection point. It’s fair to say the right answers for its future aren't immediately apparent. Expect to challenge your paradigms, be ready to unlearn and engage in authentic discussion to build better solutions for future generations.

Hear from our past course participants

"This course significantly contributed to my professional growth in the sector. Not only did it deepen my conceptual knowledge of trends and best practices in EdTech, it set me on a path to transforming my career".

Lindsey Lopez
Director, Degree & Credential Recruitment, Coursera

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